Deepti Jain


I am Deepti Jain. Admiring the God’s creation and in endeavor to collect all those beautiful things around us on my canvas I’ve become a Web Designer regardless of pursuing my Honors with an impressive A+ and hey let me guess u are not thinking that this girl just sounded as she’s the only web designer in world but hey that’s just me. It’s been six years that after stepping on each ladder step (believe me very long years) I’ve reached a rest-stop from where onwards a new era of my professional life commences, it feels like when a child goes to school for the very first time but later on she explores that HEY Mom ! School’s not that bad. In all these years I have been blessed with opportunities to work with some of the market leaders i.e. Maruti, Nestle India, Domino’s, Readers Digest, Singapore Airlines, Frito lays, Samsung are to name a few.